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Hollett Catering

Some Daily Menus


  • Soup:SpacerBorscht, Tomato Vegetable
  • Salad:SpacerMixed Greens and Dressing. Greek Pasta Salad
  • Entrees:SpacerPork Cutlet, Parmesan Chicken and Mushroom Penne
  • Sides:SpacerBaked Zucchini, Green Beans with Artichokes, RostiPotato
  • Desserts:SpacerTiramisu, Fruit Display
  • SpacerTea & coffee
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  • Soup: SpacerSplit Pea and Ham, Potato Bacon
  • Salad:Spacer Sweet Potato Maple, Caesar Salad
  • Entrees:SpacerChef Carved Pork loin/w Apple Slaw, Beef and Ale Pie
  • Sides:SpacerRoast Root Vegetables, Peas and Pearl Onions, Sour Cream and Chive Mash
  • Desserts:SpacerAssorted Desserts and Squares, Fruit Display
  • SpacerTea & coffee
Bon Apetit

Hollett Catering - Eat Good Food
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Hollett Catering is an equal opportunity company.

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